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Filter your 'clean' water

Softer skin & stronger hair starts here. Take the quiz below to find the perfect shower filter for you.

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Why filter your shower water?

The Chlorine, rust and dust in your water irritate your skin and scalp - giving you that post shower itch! Auro's filters purify your shower water to increase skin hydration.

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Softer Skin, Healthier Hair

Auro's filters are your shield against impurities. By neutralizing chlorine and filtering out rust, Auro helps your skin stay balanced and your hair vibrant.

Your Wallet (and Skin) Will Thank You

Auro removes impurities in your shower water to maintain the natural pH balance of your skin and scalp. This means that your personal care products don't have to counteract the damage and can truly shine at what they do best.

Relief for Sensitive Skin

If you struggle with sensitivity or conditions such as dryness, redness, eczema and psoriasis, a shower filter might be the answer you've been searching for. Auro's filters neutralize irritants, creating a gentle shower experience that leaves your skin hydrated.

Hassle-free installation

Install your Auro shower filter in 4 simple steps.

  1. Shake the filter well
  2. Unscrew the shower head from the pipe
  3. Attach Auro's filters to your shower head and the pipe
  4. Enjoy a clean, purified shower
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My skin/hair seems fine, why bother?

It's great that your skin and hair feel good! But even if you don't notice immediate problems, chlorine and rust in your shower water can have subtle, long-term effects. Think of it like this:

Gradual Impact: Chlorine dries out your skin and hair over time, leading to issues like dullness, irritation, or premature signs of aging. Rust can contribute to clogged pores and discoloration.

Prevention is Key: Using a shower filter is like taking out an insurance policy for your skin and hair. It protects your natural balance and helps prevent issues from developing in the first place.

Enhanced Beauty Routine: Filtered water allows your skincare and haircare products to perform at their best, saving you money in the long run and giving you even better results.

Isn't tap water already treated?

Yes, municipal water treatment is essential for making water safe to use. However, this treatment has its limits:

Focus on Safety, Not Beauty: Treatment plants prioritize safety for consumption, not the cosmetic effects on skin and hair.

Chlorine's Purpose: Chlorine is added to kill bacteria, but it lingers even after the water reaches your home. This lingering chlorine is what disrupts your skin and hair.

Dusty Environment: In the UAE, dust and sand can infiltrate even treated water. Additionally, older pipes in your building might release rust particles. Auro filters act as a final defense for the cleanest possible shower.

How do I know the filter is working?
Chlorine Filter

First Use: You'll notice a subtle, refreshing fragrance in your shower.

After Two Weeks: Your skin will feel more moisturized, and your hair will be easier to manage.

With Consistent Use: Your skin and hair will regain their natural balance and healthy shine. This helps combat dryness, damage, and signs of aging.

Rust Filter

First Use: The water from your shower filter will feel clearer.

After Two Weeks: The filter media will gradually turn brown as it traps rust. This is a positive sign that it's doing its job!

With Consistent Use: Your skin will feel smoother with fewer breakouts. If you have light-colored hair, it will stay vibrant without rust stains.

Important Note: Individual experiences may vary depending on the starting condition of your water, skin, and hair.

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